Lower Juba, South Central Somalia


MSF hospital in Marere, Lower Juba, Somalia© MSF

MSF hospital in Marere, Lower Juba, Somalia© MSF

MSF runs an outpatient department, paediatric inpatient department, and maternity unit where medical staff provide delivery services, including emergency obstetric care, therapeutic and supplementary feeding, surgery, outpatient curative and preventative services and tuberculosis treatment. In 2009, 35,644 people received consultations and free medication, including 12,756 children under the age of five. 1,308 people were admitted to the hospital for treatment and 2,882 children received nutritional care.

In August 2009, MSF was able to restart emergency surgical activities in Marere by recruiting a young, female Somali doctor who graduated from medical school in Mogadishu at the end of 2008. In the last five months of 2009, she performed four caesarean sections and 67 minor surgeries. In nearby Jilib MSF was forced to suspend its nutritional activities in August 2009 due to insecurity, leaving hundreds of severely malnourished children without access to crucial medical care. By the end of 2009 MSF had still not been able to restart activities in Jilib.


MSF runs an outpatient department and inpatient department, where staff provide paediatric and adult medical care, maternity care, treatment for severe malnutrition, nutritional screening and ambulatory care, and systematic surveillance for nutritional emergencies and outbreaks of epidemic diseases. In November 2009 a new ante-natal department was opened.

Throughout 2009, 1,572 patients were admitted to the inpatient department for treatment. 43,828 people received consultations and free medication in the outpatient department, more than twice the number treated in the previous year as patients increasingly arrive at the hospital from other regions in order to receive free, quality care. A total of 1,938 children suffering from malnutrition received treatment in 2009.

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