Banadir, South Central Somalia

Northern Mogadishu Area


MSF - Dr. Mumina Afrah Hiraabe at work in the IPD in Mogadishu© MSF

In northern Mogadishu MSF has run one of the few public health facilities in the city’s Yaqshid area since 1994. In 2007, MSF opened three more paediatric outpatient clinics in the Karan, Abdul Aziz (Lido) and Balcad areas, as well as a 50-bed inpatient paediatric clinic in Abdul Aziz.

Throughout 2009, 85,156 people received consultations and free medication at the four outpatient clinics. 5,613 women received ante-natal care consultations, while a total of 557 children were treated for malnutrition. Over 2,000 people were admitted for inpatient care. In July 2009, MSF was forced to suspend activities in the hospital and outpatient clinics due to heavy fighting in the area.

Daynile Area

The MSF project in Daynile hospital, located nine kilometres north of the city, provides life-saving emergency surgery and care for people injured during the ongoing violence in Mogadishu. Following extensive rehabilitation, the facility now comprises 59 beds, and is equipped with two operating theatres, an emergency room and triage area and an intensive care unit.

In 2009, 2,391 people received consultations and free medication from MSF in Daynile hospital. 2,036 people were admitted for inpatient care, including 1,137 people who were treated for blast injuries. 537 of these were women and children under the age of 14. MSF also supports the general functioning of the hospital financially and through the supply of medical provisions.

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