MSF is a not-for-profit medical organisation which was founded in 1971. Today MSF is a worldwide movement, with 19 national offices and an international office.
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The vast majority of our staff come from the countries in which we run projects, supported by a smaller number of equally important international staff. In 2012, 31,820 field staff worked to provide medical care in more than 65 countries around the world.

MSF is an independent organisation. This means that MSF is not political and is not allied to any governments, or to any political, religious, clan or economic groups. We decide on where to work and what medical care to provide based on our own expert assessment of the needs, as well as a consideration of the risks in any given context.

Financially independent

MSF is also financially independent. Since the organisation started in 1971, MSF has worked to ensure that the majority of its funds come from charitable donations from the general public around the world. In Somalia, MSF refuses to take any money from governments or public institutions so that we can remain completely independent.
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Medical organisation

MSF is a medical organisation and, as such, our actions are guided by medical ethics. This means that we do not take sides and we do not interfere with local affairs, be they social, political, religious or clan based. We treat patients based on medical need alone, wherever they come from and whoever they are. At the same time, we always respect people’s cultural and religious beliefs.
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