Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is no longer working in Somalia. In August 2013, MSF was forced to announce the closure of all of its programs in the country. Extreme attacks on MSF staff and an inability to work in an environment where these attacks were often supported and condoned by civilian leaders and armed authorities led to this decision. Read MSF’s press release here.

MSF delegation visits Mogadishu

06.06.2016 | General News

On 29 May 2016 a high level delegation from MSF delegation visited Somalia, with the aim of having an open dialogue with the Somalia government and exploring the conditions and commitments that might allow MSF’s future return to Somalia.

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The way in which information is organised on this website in no way indicates a political statement by MSF. Place names have been chosen solely for ease of reference and do not represent a political or territorial preference.

MSF’s principles

MSF is financially independent. In Somalia, MSF refuses to take any money from governments or public institutions so that we can remain completely independent.


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