Kismayo Staff Interviews

23.08.2012 | General

Médecins Sans Frontières is active in 22 locations all over Somalia, on all sides of the front lines and political divides. People in many parts of the country are facing daily struggles for survival due to unrest, violence, forced displacement and lack of access for relief organisations. One of the areas where MSF is active is in the port city of Kismayo and the surrounding Lower Juba Valley. MSF’s international staff are not allowed to visit some of th projects in Somalia.

Some senior Somali staff from MSF’s projects in Kismayo and Marere, in Lower Juba Valley, recently visited Nairobi, and told us about the difficult conditions in these areas and the challenges MSF staff are facing there.

ABDIRIZAK SHEIKH ABULWAHAB, Assistant Project Coordinator Kismayo

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