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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been informed that Ahmed Salad Farey, former MSF Logistic Assistant, has been found guilty of the killing of our two colleagues Dr. Karel Keiluhu, known as Kace, and Phillipe Havet on December 29th,
2011, while they were on duty. Ahmed Salad Farey has received a sentence of 30 years in jail by a court in Mogadishu.

MSF as an organisation has not testified in, nor pressured, the legal proceedings of this case at any stage.

The guilty verdict is an important element in allowing family and friends of the two murdered colleagues to deal
with this extremely tragic loss. MSF denounces any violence or threats against its workers.

Following the killings, MSF was forced to end all activities in the Hodan district of the capital, including the closure of two separate 120-bed medical facilities for the treatment of malnutrition, measles and cholera. Prior to the closure, MSF had been assisting 200,000 Somalis in Hodan who have fled to the capital. Deteriorating security conditions in other parts
of Somalia has also forced MSF to close down some activities and remove the presence of some expatriate staff.

In October 2011, two MSF aid workers, Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut, were abducted in Dadaab refugee camp in Northern Kenya while carrying out emergency assistance for the Somali population. They remain in captivity, and MSF has put on hold the opening of any non-emergency projects in Somalia until their release.

MSF calls on all Somalis; the Diaspora, community leaders and authorities to ensure the security of MSF’s health facilities and staff.

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