Somalia : Update on MSF situation and activities in Mogadishu following the killings of its 2 colleagues

09.01.2012 | Assisting Somalis, Banadir, South Central Somalia, General, News

The international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is continuing its medical activities in Somalia following the shooting deaths last week of two MSF aid workers in the organization’s compound in the capital, Mogadishu.

While MSF reduced the number of international staff in Mogadishu following the tragedy, and heightened security measures, so far no decision has been made to close or to stop MSF medical programs in the country, including in Mogadishu.

Information gathered until now indicates that the shooting was an individual act unrelated to any political interests or to the ongoing
conflict in Somalia. The accused gunman is working for the organization as a logistician for 14 months, he was under internal review for suspected frauds and no decision had been taken about his future with MSF at the time. His internal review was carried out with the
support of the community, whom MSF regularly involved.

Today, the accused gunman is in the custody of the authorities in the capital. MSF is not part of this process and we have no more information about the specifics of his case.

There appears to be no link between the shooting incident and the abduction on October 13, 2011 of two MSF staff members in the Dadaab
refugee camp in Kenya. MSF remains deeply concerned for Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut, who were abducted while providing humanitarian assistance to Somali refugees in Dadaab. The organization is working tirelessly for their safe release and return home and ask for all parties to help to release them.

In Mogadishu, MSF teams run feeding programs for malnourished children and treat people affected by measles and cholera. Through outreach activities in the Somali capital, MSF conducts medical consultations, vaccinates children against measles, and distributes basic
relief items to displaced persons and local populations.

MSF has been working in Somalia continuously since 1991 and currently operates 13 projects in the country, including medical activities related to the ongoing nutritional emergency and vaccination campaigns. MSF also assists Somali refugees in camps in Dadaab, Kenya and Dolo Ado, Ethiopia.

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