Podcast: Somalia crisis – inside MSF’s Marere hospital

26.07.2011 | News

As drought grips Somalia – a country already suffering the devastating effects of 20 years of conflict – hundreds of thousands of people are losing their livestock and fleeing their homes. Listen to the latest from inside Somalia.

Poor harvests, rising food prices, continuing violence and chronic poverty have pushed malnutrition rates to crisis levels. These rates are double the threshold for a full-scale emergency and the problem is worsening daily.

The security situation in Somalia is complicated, but because MSF is an independent medical organisation relying  on donations from private individuals to provide care in Somalia—instead of government funding—we, together with the ICRC, continue to be the only medical organisations able to work in many areas of the country.

There are hundreds of children and adults arriving at MSF clinics every day. Many of them need expert medical care for malnutrition, often while battling other severe conditions such as malaria and pneumonia.

We spoke to Somali doctor Hussein Sheikh Qassim, who has worked for MSF since 2003. He explained the situation inside Marere hospital – located in the lower Juba region of Somalia.

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