MSF worker wounded in Somalia

13.03.2008 | Banadir, South Central Somalia

Nairobi,A car belonging to the international medical humanitarian organization Médecins SansFrontières (MSF) was attacked on March 12 around the town of Balcad in Somalia.  At 1:00 PM local time several armed men opened fire on the vehicle, seriously wounding one of the

MSF staff members, a security guard, who was taken to hospital where he is recovering from a femur fracture. Three other employees were slightly injured in the incident.

The car was returning from supervising one of the MSF-operated primary health centers in Balcad, some 20 km north of Mogadishu,when it came under fire. The armed men took the occupants’ mobile phones and personal belongings, including money, as well as the car.

According to the information we have up to know, several cars were attacked in the same area so it seems to be an untargeted attack.

MSF has been working in Somalia since 1991.

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